As anti-Semitic bomb threats continue, ADL office evacuated in San Francisco

The terror attacks against Jewish folks in America continue. No one seems to care.

In what may be a land speed record for the number of Jewish Community Centers evacuated in a single year, 2017 is off to a bang with nearly 30 such incidents recorded before the end of February. While every Jewish person around the world is watching to see if our worst fears about the American people come true, I was particularly struck by the second round of bomb threats against the Anti-Defamation League's San Francisco office. The offices were evacuated.

When some asshole Hitler enthusiasts on the internet got upset with me for being Jewish, I called the San Francisco ADL. The ADL was more concerned with my safety than I was, more helpful than I'd hoped, and displayed the ultimate in respectfulness: the ADL followed up. As I reflected on it, I realized this was exactly the foundation of support I'd been raised, as an American Jew, to expect. When I needed it, the ADL was there.

The ADL are heroically back to work in San Francisco today. The wave of hatred has not gone away.

We need them working because those headstones toppled in St. Louis and Philadelphia were not incidentally those of Jewish graves. Wave after wave of threats that chase children out of classrooms won't stay just threats forever. The monsters have been emboldened, and as is so often the case, the canary in the coal mine is a Jew.

We are headed in the wrong direction.

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