Coding beginners and experts alike can and should still master Python 3

Python is such a commonly used general-purpose programming language and features such (comparatively) simple syntax, that most veteran programmers consider it an excellent foundation for aspiring programmers. The Python 3 Bootcamp Bundle packs over 30 hours of training into nine courses to build that foundation for you.

If you've never had any introduction to code at all, you'll be alright as the bundle starts you off with the absolute basics of Python 3, the newest version of the language. The fun part - and the part that should hook even expert programmers - is what comes after. Eight more courses using a variety of Python libraries and frameworks that make resolving complex coding problems a breeze. From designing a Reddit clone (without r/The_Donald, of course) using Django, to running Python BeautifulSoup to extract the HTML from fashion blog you guilt read because it's so elegantly designed, coders of all levels will find material worth studying here.

Check it out in the store for $49.