Xenomorph tiki mugs

Mondo Tees has announced a line of Aliens xenomorph tiki mugs, ("in space, no one can hear you drink"), available for pre-order now with ship dates this summer (some glazes only available at Alamo Drafthouses).

The mugs are sculpted by Michael Bonanno and Tom "Thor" Thordason, from Tiki Farm.

We're thrilled to bring you the second in our line of ceramic tiki mugs, this time inspired by the James Cameron classic, ALIENS. The Xenomorph mug is hand-glazed, holds 16 fluid ounces, and ready to nest on your shelf. In space, no one can hear you scream…but they can watch you drink!

Mondo Tees pre-order page

'Aliens' Themed Ceramic Tiki Mugs

[Justin Page/Laughing Squid]