Republican State Senator's "business degree" turns out to be from Sizzler Steakhouse

Iowa State Sen. Mark Chelgren wants to limit the number of Democrats the state university may hire.

This brilliant idea drew attention to the Republican's own academic background. And it turned out, oddly enough, that the institution he named as his alma mater is in fact a Sizzler Steakhouse.

"This was a management course he took when he worked for Sizzler, kind of like Hamburger University at McDonald's," Failor said. "He got a certificate."

Asked if Chelgren has a college degree, Failor said, "That's not accurate."

Shortly after speaking with a reporter, the reference to Forbco Management "business degree" was removed from Chelgren's biography on the Iowa State Republicans web site.

Chelgren told NBC News on Wednesday he was not trying to inflate his education credentials.