The 3 Rules of Living Animation

Why does Who Framed Roger Rabbit seem so much more integrated with live action and animation than anything before it? "Bumping the lamp," slang that YouTuber kaptainkristian says originated from the film for animators who go above and beyond expectations.

There are a number of etymological retellings of this "bump the lamp" anecdote online, but not much verifiable documentation. It may have emerged as an urban legend from Disney fan sites. Here's a typical version:

Reportedly, Michael Eisner has used this story as an example when promoting how Disney animators go the extra mile when paying attention to details. Details that the audience might not notice. Details that if left out would not have affected box office revenues one bit. So why did it matter enough that the animators did it anyways?

Regardless of its provenance, the phrase is now shorthand for going above and beyond, and the scene will always be an example of masterful animation.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – The 3 Rules of Living Animation (YouTube / kaptainkristian)