Pensive film blends wisdom and vignettes of New York with Alicia Keys' music

"You have to be able to put yourself in a place to be able to see things." Alicia Keys' "The Gospel" juxtaposes gorgeous black and white footage of everyday New York with profound insights from those who live there.

Directed by A.V. Rockwell, the film premiered as a surprise at Tribeca last year and was released online in February. IndieWire covered the premiere:

For Keys, Rockwell's "Gospel" "really represents the New York that I grew up in, and the New York that I saw." A four-chapter series of "vignettes of stories about coming of age in New York City," the film follows a loosely connected group of young people growing up in New York City (Keys also appears in the short), taking them through a series of events billed under titles like "All God's Children" and "Young Love." Told in artfully rendered black and white, Rockwell's high energy offering was the highlight of the evening, a very auspicious start for the young filmmaker, who is still in school at NYU.

Alicia Keys –– "The Gospel" (Vimeo / A.V. Rockwell)