Interview with director of freaky competitive tickling documentary

Bobby Hankinson interviewed director David Farrier about the craziest documentary of 2016: Tickled, which just premiered on HBO. I don't want to say too much. Just watch it.

Via Towleroad, Farrier opened up about the point at which things started to seem amiss:

Hankinson: Of course there was much more to it. There were so many red flags along the way, but what was the moment when you knew there was something much bigger at play?

Farrier: When they flew three people from New York to Auckland, New Zealand to tell us specifically not to make the movie. By that point we had launched a Kickstarter campaign. When they flew in, that's when we knew we had to make a film, it was obvious. Before that, when they hired an attorney in New York and New Zealand to write us letters, that was another red flag. But flying people physically to us was the big one.

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