Prepare for St. Patrick's Day with a piñata-housed liquor cache

St. Patrick's Day is a boozy celebration of history and culture, and the ShamRockIt! Nipyata is a delightful fusion of traditions, packing ten assorted nips (or airplane bottles) and candy into a shamrock-shaped piñata, eager to be bludgeoned to a recyclable mess and relinquish its pot of confectionary gold.

The mental gymnastics to make sense of this fusion aren't actually all that hard, either. Piñatas hail from Europe originally, coming into fashion in 14th century Italy before spreading throughout Western Europe and ultimately traveling with Spanish colonizers to Mexico, where the tradition has enjoyed the greatest staying power, and thus the strongest cultural association.

And here's the important part: Piñatas, St. Patrick's Day – they're all about fun, and fun is what you'll have with the ShamRockIt! Nipyata. Booze, candy, twine, and even the blindfold and smashing stick are included so you don't have to scramble around to set up the game. Get it right now in the Boing Boing store for $79.99.

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