Sensation / Forever by American Grandma

American Grandma is a fantastic two-piece band from Colorado consisting of Jennifer Lynn Keller and Caden Marchese. They have a new album on the First Base Tapes label, titled Sensation / Forever, that I've been listening all week. It's available on cassette here. You can preview it here.

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Trump wants to separate small children from their mothers in immigration detention

A leaked Trump administration briefing described by Reuters reveals a plan to separate children, including very young children, from their mothers for immigration detention purposes, seemingly as a deterrent to parents who attempt to cross the US border without authorization. Read the rest

Bavarian intelligence agency says Scientologists secretly took over one of the world's top art galleries

Bavaria's Verfassungsschutz -- "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution" -- says that the Haus der Kunst, one of the world's top contemporary art galleries, was infiltrated by Scientologists who rose through the ranks, illegally discriminated against non-Scientologists when hiring, and waged psychological warfare against staff who were not members of the cult. Read the rest

Uber uses data-mining to identify and block riders who may be cops, investigators or regulators

Greyball is Uber's codename for a program that tries to predict which new signups are secretly cops, regulators or investigators who could make trouble for the company, deployed in "Boston, Paris and Las Vegas, and in countries like Australia, China and South Korea" where the company was fighting with the authorities. Read the rest

Snakisms: 22 philosophies expounded through the game of Snake

Artist Pippin Barr wrote his PhD video game values and got a Masters in UI metaphors, so it's natural that he's created Snakisms, a collection of 22 variants on the classic video game Snake (best remembered from the era of candy-bar featurephones), each of which is meant to illustrate (or at least make a joke about) philosophies from Stoicism (your snake runs into things, pauses a moment, shakes it off and presses on) to Determinism (your snake drives itself), to Holism (just try it). They're lovely, witty fun! (via Kottke) Read the rest

This machine learning bundle is your ticket to AI mastery

Used in countless industries, Artificial Intelligence is no longer just the stuff of science fiction. Encompassing everything from computer vision to natural language processing, machine learning methods aim to give computer systems the same information faculties as human brains. To take a dive into this growing field, pick up this course bundle.

Exploring topics like deep learning and decision trees, you will get acquainted with different ways intelligence is modeled in software. While you learn high-level AI concepts, you’ll build a solid foundation in programming by using languages like Python, Java, and R.

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Queen Bees and Wannabes: a parents' up-to-date guide to the perils of "girl-world"

It's been fifteen years since the first edition of educator Rosalind Wiseman's Queen Bees and Wannabes was published; now in its third edition -- updated with current, timely material about social media and other fast-moving subjects, as well as reflections from girls who were raised on the techniques in the previous editions -- the book is a compassionate, aware, and intensely practical guide to navigating the toxic, gendered lives of young girls in a diverse, politicized world.