Florian Mueller's REM series explores the phenomenology of dreams

German photographer Florian W. Mueller has created an interesting series of images about REM sleep. Set in a mossy forest, they feature one out-of-place piece of the forest.

He says of the project:

Exploring dreams has always fascinated me. Especially the dreams in which one has the guess that it could be a dream, but is not sure. Just this feeling that something is wrong. Like here: The environment is not uncommon, there is no foreign body present, but something is wrong.Second, the photographed trunks are remnants of tree trunks. Tree trunks in a nature reserve. Of course such work is useful and necessary, but heavy skidmarks and piles of tree trunks appear absurd in such an area. As absurd as 30 kilogram heavy, floating tribes.

REM (Florian Mueller via)