Rabbit hole in England leads to 700-year old Knights Templar cave

The BBC reports that an "ordinary rabbit's hole in a farmer's field leads to an underground sanctuary once said to be used by the Knights Templar."

Michael Scott, from Birmingham, went to photograph the caves after seeing a video of them online. He said: "I traipsed over a field to find it, but if you didn't know it was there you would just walk right past it. Considering how long it's been there it's in amazing condition, it's like an underground temple."
The tunnel leads to a network of walkways and arches carved out of sandstone, as well as a font.

The cave is evidently a hot place to hang out if you're a witch. Be sure to ask the property owners nicely and clean up after the ritual is complete.

One year after Christmas, the labyrinth of intricately carved chambers was found to be filled with candles, sinister symbols scrawled on the walls and more besides.

The owners of the site, hidden in dense woodland ten miles from Wolverhampton, decided enough was enough when two warlocks knocked on the door – and asked for their robes back.

The red-faced pair had left the garments behind after a ritual.