Panasonic's new Indian washing machine has a curry-stains mode

The new Panasonic Stain Master machines have an intensive stain-removal mode which is being marketed in India as a curry-stain removal button; it also has other Indian-focused modes, such as one for removing hair oil. They are planning other Stain Masters customized for other Asian markets with stain-removal buttons tailored to their national cuisines and stubbourn stains.

That means there is plenty of room for market growth, and the electronics giant hopes the India-focussed machine will help it challenge the South Korean manufacturers dominating the sector.

Panasonic told the BBC that about 5,000 of the machines had been sold so far, with a target to sell at least 30,000 by March next year.

Priced at about 22,000 Indian rupees (£268;$330), the new model costs around 10% more than other washing machines.

India washing machine launched with 'curry' button

(via Marginal Revolution)