3D animal print undies with ears

Your 3D wolf snout undies will doubtless be getting a little worn by now and you're planning on reordering soon. But wait! Check out 3D Animal Print Briefs With Ears.

They come in several flavors—squirrel, pig, raccoon, fox and "British Kitty"—but are one-size-fits-all. At $8, though, you could always turn them into classy wall art if it doesn't work out.

97% polyester/3% cotton

Environmental friendly printing without bad smelling,un-faded

Made of polyester but the line is made of cotton, so cute and comfortable.

If you like it, feel free to choose more patterns, buy 3 pieces, get one for free.

This brief would make a great gift. It's sure to be a hit with anyone. Especially girls and tweens

Machine wash

Notable Replies

  1. Do they have one of Mr. Snuffleupagus? I need underwear that reflects the fact nobody else can see my junk.

  2. Old says:


    If I buy one of these for the Mrs. should I send my hospital bill to Rob or will he pay them directly?

  3. I thought the headline said "3D Printed Animal Undies With Ears."

    I wasn't sure how that would work. Would you have to sit in the printer while it's working?

  4. Old says:

    You just strap the animal to the printer and it prints the underwear directly onto them.

  5. Um..... all underwear is 3D.

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