Decoding trumpism: "Who are you going to believe: me, or your lying ears?"

More satire that is indistinguishable from reality: Paul Bibeau, writing as Trump, says, "Making a phony Donald Trump say or do things that might embarrass our movement and stop us from making America great again… That wouldn't be hard at all."

If you've ever heard Trump say something you agree with, you can be sure that if you wait a few minutes, he'll say the exact opposite. "Alternate facts" are the key to sustaining your trumpism in the face of these insults to your intelligence.

Related, today's long profile of Kellyanne Conway in the Atlantic: "She once insisted, on CNN, that Trump should be judged by 'what's in his heart' rather than 'what's come out of his mouth.'"

From now on, ask yourself… Am I seeing Donald J. Trump on an official White House or Breitbart video presentation? Or is he being shown to me by Jake Tapper, or other people I can't trust with evidence of any kind, even if it's filed as an exhibit in a criminal case?

Ask yourself: Am I seeing the Donald J. Trump I know? The one who only wants to make America great again? Or does this Donald Trump seem different, doing things and saying things he would never do or say?

Ask yourself: Is this the Donald J. Trump I believe in? Because if it isn't the Trump you believe in, it's probably not me, is it? That just makes sense!

Be careful, because you may be seeing more fake Trumps soon. The elite media may flood the networks with what they will call disturbing examples of corruption or possibly treason. None of it is real.

"Some Of The Trumps Are Fake," By Donald Trump
[Paul Bibeau/Goblin Books]

(Image: Trump, Gage Skidmore, CC-BY-SA)