The Misfits dress

Skulls on the front, wordmark on the back: $38, pink, green or purple, sizes 3-10. (via Punk Fashion)

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  1. Fef says:

    It should just be available in one size, after all.

  2. I've got something to say: I licensed my logo today.

  3. So you are saying what, "No fatties"?

  4. temp says:

    The resurgence of the Misfits - as a fashion accessory more than as a band - has puzzled me for quite some time. A few years ago I spotted a Misfits T on a friend's kid, and when I asked him what his favorite songs were and if he liked other groups from the era (being as how I was into this music in the early eighties, and saw the Misfits on a double bill with Reagan Youth at "Nackack"), he couldn't respond. I realized he'd probably never heard any circa 1982 punk rock at all, and this shirt was some kind of token.

    That wasn't the last random Misfits merch I saw, and it seemed like a peculiar pattern. The big question for me wasn't why would today's kids hold up my generation's music. It was why was it the Misfits? At the time, I didn't like them any better than the DKs, or Black Flag, Angry Samoans, MDC, Flipper... I'm flipping through youtube now, and nope I still don't think the Misfits were as good as any of those bands.

    But Misfits merch is all over the place now; it's reached some sort of iconic status. Why is this? Is it an accidental phenomenon, or are these guys just better at marketing than they ever were at music?

  5. You're leaking again, popo...

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