Gorgeous slo-mo footage of dolphins chasing a boat

Damian Christie captured video of these frolicking bottlenose dolphins chasing his boat through the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand.

Maybe they were just trying to steal his camera gear:

Bottlenose Dolphins, Marlborough Sounds (Vimeo / Damian Christie)

Notable Replies

  1. Dolphins:

    Nature's original surfer grommets.

  2. Got no puns for that one, it just looks magical. I am an absolute sucker for nature.

  3. Old says:

    It looks like they're doing it on porpoise.

  4. elk says:

    You can see the spray of the end of their exhale as they come out, and easily imagine the big inhale right before re-entry. Love it.

  5. Thanks for the share Boingboing! Have to point out though, while I was the producer, the amazing camera work was all down to Bevan Crothers :slight_smile:

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