Road maintenance manager affirms that painted penii do not hasten pothole remediation

The internets will tell you that spraypainting a giant penis around a pothole will get your town's roadworks to prioritize its repair. The internets are wrong.

After parties unknown spraypainted a pair of penii around a pothole in Watford (captioned "FIX ME"), a manager for highways contractor Ringway -- who fix the roads in Watford -- dispatched someone to remove the graffiti, but left the pothole, noting, "The presence of obscene graffiti does not mean potholes will get fixed quicker, as we repair the most dangerous defects firsts." Ringway had inspected the pothole in November 2016 and it is scheduled for maintenance in due course.

The dickpicker had it all wrong. Everyone knows that you get potholes fixed by throwing birthday parties for them.

Someone painted a penis around a pothole to get the council to fix it. It backfired, badly
[Narjas Zatat/Indy]

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