There is only one man with the gold, and that man is Mr. T

On the infrequent occasion I am asked for life advice I refer folks to Mr. T: The Man with the Gold: An Autobiography. It has all the answers.

Last night was the first I had seen of an obscene golden Col. Sander's ad campaign. I was horrified, and then immediately reminded of the greatest autobiography ever written: Mr. T: The Man with the Gold: An Autobiography.

This book is a literal example of HOW TO BE LIKE T. It is like a gift, given to us by the only man who can credibly share this path, Mr. T, the undisputed man with the gold. A hero at children's centers and of milk drinkers everywhere.

I've heard from a number of people that biographies of former celebrities often fall short, and fail to inspire. Do not mistake this tome for LL Cool J's entertaining, but fluffy, I Make My Own Rules. This story is very different, you'll meet the young Laurence Tureaud and follow along as he grows up to become Mr. T.

The stories are wonderful! I really enjoy how he once took issue with a gentleman who offended his mother. That gentleman has never been seen again. T's mother never had another problem. Pity fools, respect mothers.

One notable thing about this amazing book that documents the hardship of growing up in Chicago's projects, points out the benefits of respecting your mother, and endorses drinking your milk, is that it pre-dates Mr. T BEATING THE HECK OUT OF T-CELL LYMPHOMA like only Mr. T can. Dude probably was treated with gold…BECAUSE THAT IS HIS SCHTICK AND NOT COL. SANDERS.

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