This $300,000 Air Force One photo caused a panic in 2009

Here's a great backstory on the shot of Air Force One that cost a guy his job after commissioning an unannounced low-altitude flight around lower Manhattan.

Here's what it looked like from the ground:

Via PetaPixel:

The public wasn't given any advance notice of the photo shoot, and there was a period of hysteria when people began noticing the low-flying airliner. People on the street began screaming and running for cover, and some buildings in NYC immediately issued evacuation orders.

In addition to costing White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera his job in 2009, it also cost American taxpayers at least $300,000, not to mention all the costs associated with starting a mass panic.

The 2009 Air Force One Photo Op That Caused Panic in New York City (Michael Zhang / PetaPixel)