CCTV-studded, teargas-shooting, water-cannon-ed riot-control killdozer

Are you an urban police force thinking about how to control your fellow humans? Look no farther! Your pals at Bozena have an all-new RIOT system, a crowd-control killdozer for all your protest-suppressing needs!

Literally every word on this website is straight out of the darkest timeline. Highlights! "The shield comes equipped with launching ports designed for use of guns or other rubber projectiles launchers" and "the trailer is capable of displacing the water/foam or its mixtures (available additives: pepper or painting substances) under the high pressure into the distance of several dozen meters," etc.

BOZENA RIOT SYSTEM is designed to control riots in streets and urbanized areas and to protect the law-enforcement units in action whenever peace maintenance is required. The system is intended predominantly for the special military and police units responsible for the CROWD CONTROL during the violent political/social demonstrations, against football hooligans, etc.

BOZENA RIOT was developed in a close cooperation with specialists of the Slovak Police Corps. In principle, BOZENA RIOT is the well protected and easy deployable barrier which can be flexibly used in favor of actual operational needs as a tool:

(1) to direct or disperse gathered crowds into desired areas or directions;

(2) to block entirely narrow streets and to create safe and effective access control to protected areas and buildings;

(3) to execute direct observation and monitoring of the operational situation;

(4) communication with rioters through the loudspeakers;

(5) for some anti-terrorist operations, fighting against snipers, allowing a safe access to buildings and other elevated positions;

(6) with use of the shield it can be flexibly used for removal of smaller obstacles;

(7) with use of an easy attachable bulldozer blade it can be flexibly used for removal of bigger obstacles.

BOZENA RIOT provides higher level of safety and security for the police forces on one side as well as better handling with the passive and not violent members of the c rowd on the other side.

BOZENA RIOT security system – new


(via JWZ)