Redneck almost kills his buddy with a nitrous-powered office chair

If Mythbusters and Jackass had a brother they kept in the attic and never talked about, he would be FarmtruckandAZN. Farmtruck, the brains of the outfit, invented the Nitrous Chair.

The clip, from the Discovery Channel show Street OutLaws, also shows that AZN was lucky he didn't shatter his leg on the shop floor. He's also lucky Farmtruck didn't break his ankle trying to stop him. He's also lucky a shoe or helmet or gas cannister didn't fly off and maim someone. The disclaimers couldn't be big enough on this clip. But hey, here we are talking about it!

AZN Nitrous Chair / Homemade Redneck Centrifuge (YouTube / FarmtruckandAZN) h/t Sploid