Family has unorthodox plan for opening stuck elevator doors

A young man and a 6-year-old were stuck in an elevator at St. Lucia's Royalton hotel. Maintenance staff were summoned to get them out, but didn't arrive within 10 minutes. A minor rampage commenced, which, along with the phrase "There's no cameras, right?", was captured on camera.

Based upon the findings on display in this video, I've created a useful guide to getting people out of a stuck elevator.

• Declare "I'm recording this, and posting this."

• Pull the fire alarms. Pull every fire alarm possible.

• Scream "We're not worrying! It's not your fucking kids! We've been having problems with you fucking people! Fuck off!" at staff.

• Fantasize about busting the doors open with your bare hands.

• Fetch a tool that might actually break open the doors from the outside, then begin to do so.

• If you are trapped in the elevator, yell "Just break these fuckin' doors, pussies! Get me out this fuckin' thing!"

• When freed, threaten to kill the staff.

• Upload all the above the internet so the public may watch it.

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