North Carolina set to pass "compromise" bathroom bill that still leaves trans people without a pot to piss in

NC Republicans and Democrats have collaborated on a "compromise" version of HB2, the state's notorious job-killing, boycott-raising, shamefully discriminatory bathroom bill. The compromise makes some cosmetic changes at the margins, but it's still a piece of shit that will embarrass the state on the national stage, and does not address any of the concerns raised by those who've announced boycotts of NC, meaning it will still cost the state billions.

In plain English, no local body could allow transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. They would have to follow state law and use the bathroom of the gender listed on their birth certificate. Local governments are also not allowed to pass LGBT rights laws, in a state that has no protections for LGBT people. This is discrimination pure and simple and makes LGBT people second-class citizens.

It's telling that the prohibitions extend until December 2020, after the next two national elections and the next governor's race. The compromise is designed to appease the NCAA, which is deciding where to hold championships through 2022. If this new bill, HB142, passes, the NCAA should laugh and say "nice try."

N. Carolina 'compromise' on HB2 enshrines LGBT discrimination
[Jim Buzinski/Out Sports]

(Image: Unisex pictogram, AxelBoldt, PD)