Top 1000 asked questions in Google and their cost per click value

This list of the most-frequently asked questions on Google reveals what people are curious about, and how much advertisers are willing to pay to get people who ask certain questions to click on their ads.

It's odd that "how to jump a car" (rank: 197) has a CPC (cost per click) if $14.85. Advertisers are willing to pay $2.88 for people who ask "how to kill yourself" (rank: 202) to click their ad. "How to make spaghetti" (rank: 726) has a CPC of just $0.01. "How to give a blow job" (rank: 192) is worth a paltry $0.07 but "how to give a good blow job" (rank: 680) is worth $0.43. Sadly, "how old is snoop dogg" (rank: 741) isn't worth anything at all to advertisers. (He's 45, by the way).

Image: @jampschi via Twenty20