TigerVPN was simple to set up

I've been happily trying out TigerVPN, offered in our Boing Boing Store.

One of the best selling things in the Boing Boing Store this week has been the TigerVPN lifetime subscription. I wanted to try it out and make sure we were happy with something selling so well. Thus far, it seems pretty solid.

Sign up was simple. Downloading TigerVPNs apps made install a breeze on both my Mac laptop and my iPhone. I have not tried any of my Android devices yet, and only sort of stare in amusement when I see a Windows device. Once the app is installed, and you log in, turning the VPN on or off is a 1 click thing.

There are 15 of global nodes available to connect to in the package, I'm about 500 miles away from the currently geographically closest to me so I did not opt to open any others for a 1 time fee. I am getting 10-15mbps down and upload times, with a 60ms ping or so. On a laptop, everything I need to do work-wise is unaffected and I can not tell the difference. On my mobile phone I can not tell at all, only way to know I'm using a VPN is the status bar indicator.

In the past we've been taught an ugly lesson about "lifetime" deals from the Store. "Lifetime" means lifetime of the service and the folks at TigerVPN have been around for 6 years. If we get a year or two of unlimited VPN service out of this, it'll have been well worth the $29. At the five year mark TigerVPN's Ts and Cs show they may arbitrarily end the deal, and to continue it you must send an email at a time I'd consider gamesmanship. They can also boot you at any time for using an undefined amount of data. However, I downloaded what I feel is an unreasonable amount of data this weekend and had no issues.

Here are some fun facts TigerVPN has provided us with:

  • Founded in 2011, TigerVPN is a Slovak VPN service freshly relaunched in May of 2016. A new engine, new website and new apps give TigerVPN a slight facelift. A relatively brief company history means not much is public about the quality of service.
  • TigerVPN operates from the Slovakian capital Bratislava. Slovakia is a great country for a VPN provider to be operating from. This is becasue the Slovak Constitutional Court recently ruled that any mass surveillance of citizens is unconstitutional.
  • TigerVPN 1 month plan is $9.99/month through their website. We are currently selling it for $29 for lifetime. As long as the service that has been around for 6+ years lasts for 4 more months, you've saved money (and there is absolutely no reason to think the service won't be around, as VPNs are becoming increasingly popular and important, especially with new laws in the US).
  • TigerVPN boast an impressive list of 300 servers in 42 countries. They have a presence on the six major continents. Some central locations covered include Germany, Australia, Singapore, UK, and the USA.
  • OpenVPN is the default protocol. This offers the most security for users. TigerVPN also give you the option of switching to L2TP.
  • TigerVPN utilizes industry standard AES-256-CBC encryption with the OpenVPN protocol set as default.

This weekend I downloaded over 40GB of stuff via TigerVPN. It works great. Not a hitch.

TigerVPN Unlimited $29 "Lifetime" deal via the Boing Boing Store