Louis C.K. breaks silence on Trump to call him a 'Gross Crook Dirty Rotten Lying Sack Of…'

Louis CK regrets comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. But on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight, he says he won't take it back, and has some ripe new words for President Trump.

Snip from the Daily Beast:

C.K. explained to Colbert the difference between someone who has lied before, a person who "lies once in a while," who can't quite stay within the bounds of truth" and a straight-up "liar." Then, he said, you have "lying sacks of shit" like President Donald Trump.

"He likes it!" C.K. said, imitating Trump laughing as he tweets and saying, "'It wasn't even true! And then I said they were liars!'"

"He's just a gross, crook, dirty, rotten, lying sack of shit," he continued to cheers from the audience before acknowledging, "And that's not a courageous position in this room."

To possibly the one Trump voter in Colbert's crowd, C.K. said, "He's the victim of the lying. That's the guy he lied to. He didn't lie to me. Everybody else was like, yeah, no, that's not true. But that guy bought it."

"It's not a political position," C.K. clarified. "It's just when you look at someone you go, that guy's a lying sack of shit."

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