Florida Man's wine-fueled nude driveway dance leads to arrest

Florida. Dude decided to dance around naked in his driveway with a bottle of wine. Failed to stand his ground when cops arrived. Florida.

Via the Orlando Sentinel:

A Florida man is in trouble for enjoying a bottle of wine while standing naked in his driveway.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office says deputies were called to the home of Bobby Hyde, 60, on Sunday evening after a neighbor reported a naked man was hanging out in front of his house near Fort Walton Beach.

"Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office deputies responding to a complaint of a naked man making lewd movements outside his home found him standing in the driveway with a bottle of wine nearby," the Sheriff's Office posted on its Facebook page. "There were no clothes in the immediate area,"

Hyde, who stepped behind a trash can when deputies arrived, told authorities he was just taking out the garbage. He also said it was it was "hot outside."

(h/t Leo)