Beyond Brookledge, May 19-21st at the iconic Mission Inn

Erika Larsen curates the best live shows I have ever seen. Bob Self puts on the most amazing events. Once a year the two of them throw Beyond Brookledge, an amazing private weekend of magic and mayhem.

Beyond Brookledge takes the intimate, off-the-wall, 90-minutes of variety acts of Los Angeles' Brookledge Follies and brings them to Riverside, California's Mission Inn. For 3 days magic enthusiasts, performers, and happy mutants of all shapes, sizes, and skills take over this historic, and interestingly odd, landmark hotel. You'll meet old friends for the very first time, and see mind boggling entertainers doing what they love in a magical environment.

Erika and Bob have just announced the partial lineup for this year's incredible weekend!


  • Jeff McBride
  • Murray Hill
  • Amazing Johnathan
  • Prince Poppycock
  • The Clairvoyants (Thommy Ten and Amelie)
  • Steve Valentine
  • Jonathan Burns
  • Hannibal TheMagician
  • Michael Rayner
  • Mark Fite
  • Jim Turner
  • Anastasia Synn
  • Music Director -Kristian Hoffman

As always there a number of surprise performers in the works.

More information and tickets can be found here.

(Poster by Ragnar)