Remember Sea Monkeys? Then you'll love Dinoflagellates.

Bioluminescence is a very cool natural phenomenon, but you're probably not going to fill a fish tank with those creepy, giant-toothed monsters with the headlamps and then just live in complete darkness. Dinoflagellates, on the other hand, are a type of marine plankton that emit a bright light when agitated, and are way easier to care for. In fact, they even come with their own bowl.

The Dino Sphere contains a host of dinoflagellate microbes that absorb sunlight and nutrients from the included, specialized seawater to power their natural illumination.

This microscopic, self-sustaining ecosystem is contained in a 4" glass vessel. Just give it a shake, and you'll see a brilliant light show put on by the same organisms that cause red tide in certain coastal areas. You'll never need to add anything or change out the water inside, just leave the Dino Sphere out in the sun to let the dinoflagellates do their photosynthetic duty.

You can hold this glowing natural phenomenon in your hands and lure that cute coworker to your desk. The Dino Sphere is available in the Boing Boing Store.

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