Dom Flemons, late of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, plays music that makes me very happy

I was listening to the latest Judge John Hodgman podcast today (as I do every week!) which was performed live in Washington DC; as with every live show, there was a musical guest, and this guest was so completely awesome I made a note to post about him when I got home.

That musical guest was Dom Flemons, a founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops (previously), whose solo music is — incredibly! — even better than the boss stuff he recorded with the old band.

Flemons kicked off by playing Till the Seas Run Dry (it's about 29:00 in the MP3), and I knew as soon as I got home I'd be buying his most recent album, which I've just done!

Oh, and it was a great Judge John Hodgman.

Judge John Hodgman Episode 308: Live From Washington DC