Scary 360-degree video of a house fire

The New Zealand Fire Service put together a terrifying interactive website showing how quickly a house fire spreads. They hung some clothes too close to a heater, and within a minute, the entire room was an inferno. Scroll up the ceiling for a sense of how intense it gets.

Via Campaign Brief:

New Zealanders are being given the chance to experience an actual house fire, and challenged to escape. Through interactive 360 video, with a virtual reality (VR) option, the user steps into the lounge to find a small fire has started on a clothing rack, left too close to the heater. What looks manageable is, in fact, already out of control - you have seconds to get out. Through completing the experience, users learn why they need an escape plan.

Since the Escape My House launch on Wednesday 22 March, the online tool has been experienced by over 120,000 users and the video on Facebook has been viewed more than 10 million times and shared by more than 86,000 people. It has gone beyond New Zealand and has also been accessed by Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Taiwan and the United States.

Great tips no matter where you live.

Experience a real house fire through 360 video | Escape My House (YouTube / New Zealand Fire Service)