Lawyer of Dr. David Dao schools United Airlines in fantastic speech

Prominent lawyer Thomas Demetrio lambastes United Airlines – as well as all airlines and big corporations in general – for their bully culture in this outstanding speech at a press conference.

About airlines, he says, "They have the highest duty of care to provide protection and safety to its fair paying passengers. That was not done."

"For a long time, airlines – United in general – have bullied us. They have treated us less than we deserve."

Demetrio then describes what we should expect from airlines. "Here's what we want as a society: We want fairness in how people treat us. We want respect. And we want dignity. That's it! It's not a big deal. This seems so simple. Forget the law for a minute that requires common decency and treatment of passengers. Just treat us with respect like your really care."

This is the kind of speech that movements are made from.

The above is a ten-minute clip. Click here for the full hour-length speech.