Inert Products: simulated suicide bombs and body parts for training exercises

If four years of life with your circumcision simulator has taken some of the bloom off the rose, you can refresh your collection of odd simulators with Inert's line of training gadgets for people combating suicide bombers, which include suicide vests, IEDs (including "person borne" IEDs), and complete training kits for gaming out guerrilla battles and/or multiple shooter responses, with fake guns, rocket launchers, balaclavas, grenades, etc.

For added realism, the company sells scorched, dismembered torsos and legs.

I know, just looking at these things conjures up visions of gag gifts gone horribly, horribly wrong. But think of the Halloween Haunted House possibilities of one of these Middle Eastern Bomb Builder Simulated IED Workshop Kits (I'm not clear about what makes this "Middle-Eastern" — are the bombs filled with chickpeas?).

Inert Explosive Training Products, IED & EOD Training Aids, C-IED Support Materials, Dummy Guns, Battlefield Effects [Inert Products]

(via JWZ)