Disney is mooting an overnight Star Wars LARP resort

Disney is contemplating opening a luxury Star Wars themed resort next to the Hollywood Studios park at Disney World, which could feature multi-day live-action role-playing games that run overnight, with guests staying all night in the park to interact with costumed characters and automated elements (droids, etc) to game out scenarios.

The game would be run by Swagbucks, which is weird, because they're a customer-loyalty program provider, not a LARP-running company.

Disney World guests can use RFID-equipped bracelets throughout the parks as entry-passes, hotel-keys and wallets; the company previously announced that these would allow all the Star Wars rides and experiences to create a persistent identity for visitors, so your decision to throw your lot in with the Empire in one ride would redound on your conversations with droids and the experience of other rides. It's easy to see how this could be very useful for a LARP.

The game thus far exists only as an audience survey, with some sophisticated concept art, but not much else. This may not make it off the drawing board, but if it does one of my fondest boyhood dreams would be coming true.

* 2 nights in an immersive luxury resort that looks and feels like a starwars space craft (set check-in and check-out dates so everyone is immersed on the same "story" timeline)

* Room(s) that accommodate(s) up to 4 people, with an interactive "view" (galaxy or pool/atrium)

* Every meal from checking-in on day 1 to check-out on day 3 (5 meals total, including 2 buffet breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 2 signature dinners with evening entertainment)

* 1 day of Walt Disney World theme park admission to Disney's Hollywood Studios to visit Star Wars-themed land on day 2

* Story-driven entertainment that unfolds over the course of your stay (including live character chance encounters, and the opportunity to watch or enage in the story through things like personalized secret missions, flight training, starship exploration, and lightsaber training)

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