The Building Shaker: a thumping gadget for annoying your noisy neighbors

The Chinese media report on a man called Zhao from Xi'an who took revenge on his noisy upstairs neighbors whose boy wouldn't stop jumping on his ceiling by buying a "building shaker" — a gadget that thumps your shared walls until your neighbors capitulate — and leaving it on while he went away for the weekend.

You can buy your own building shaker for RMB90 — about $13.

So, Zhao went online and bought a "building shaker" for 400 yuan, looking to give the noisy neighbors a taste of their own medicine. Powered by a motor, the machine is designed to continually thump against walls. At 8 p.m. last Friday night, Zhao switched the machine on and left his flat for the weekend.

With the constant thumping on the floor driving them insane, the neighbors went to the property management office, but found that there was nothing they could do to help them. The family even contacted the police who were unable to track Zhao down.

Man takes revenge on his noisy neighbors by buying a 'building shaker' and leaving it on all weekend
[Alex Linder/Shanghaiist]

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