This learn to code bundle may help you learn to code, but it's really up to you

We understand that even reading a book instead of watching Netflix after work can be difficult, so taking online coding courses is definitely going to be a stretch, but hear us out. Learning to code can be a major asset to pushing your career to the next level, or to help you build a side hustle to take a little stress off the rent. No matter if you already have something of a programming background or are a complete beginner, this coding bundle offered in the Boing Boing Store can give your skill sets and resume a boost.

Packed with 150 hours of instructional material covering a diverse range of programming languages and frameworks, the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle comes with lifetime access so you can study as feverishly or as carefully as you'd like. And the big kicker is you can get it all for a price you choose.

Pay anything at all and you'll get a 3.5 hour tutorial on JavaScript. Beat the average price, and the rest of the bundle is yours as well.

Those courses are:

There's a lot to learn in there, regardless of your experience level, and you can pay what you want for all of it in the Boing Boing Store.

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