Bill Nye answered years-old Twitter questions, then filmed them

In March, brand-new Twitter account @SciSupport_BN mysteriously answered science questions, many of which had gone unanswered for years. The real fun started when Bill Nye himself filmed the replies.

Some of them are difficult to answer in 140 characters, so there's a bit more explanation in the video. I learned something I didn't know about double rainbows when Bill replied, "In a sense, there's always a double rainbow, but the 2nd one is much fainter. The sky has to be dark enough for you to see it."

Also interesting is that many of the Twitter users whose questions were answered have not responded. Someone should tweet the video to Insane Clown Posse, because one of the answers is about f-ing magnets and how do they work?

Bill Nye Answers Science Questions From Twitter (YouTube / WIRED)