Super Mario 8-Bit Cupcake Arrangement Expectations vs. Reality

Nope. This Super Mario children's birthday party cupcake arrangement did not turn out as planned.

A very funny botched bakery order from IMGURian johnnydarkko.

About a month and a half ago, my wife and I ordered a cupcake arrangement from an awesome local cupcake joint for my son's 1st birthday party. Above is what we sent to them for inspiration. We ordered 4 dozen cupcakes which is much less than the picture, but they said that should be enough--it won't look the exactly same but they should make it work.

Nailed it!

Might have helped if they told us that maybe we needed more than 4 dozen cupcakes or maybe drew a picture of how the arrangement would look like with that amount of cupcakes--set up some kind of expectation... but this is what they gave us instead, 1 hour before my son's birthday party. Cupcakes were damn good, though.


Ordered an 8-bit mario cupcake arrangement, got this delicious shitty mario cupcake arrangement instead.