You won't need a pilot's license to fly this flying car, available soon, and here's its first video

If you live near a lake in the US, you'll soon be able to zip across it in this Kitty Hawk Flyer. According to their site, the "ultralight aircraft," which is financially backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, will be available by the end of 2017. You won't need a registration or pilot's license to fly it, and the Flyer only takes minutes to learn how to operate it.

The final version of the Flyer won't look exactly like the prototype in this video, and the company hasn't yet come up with a price tag (at least not publicly). They explain that the Flyer, which is all electric, is not to be flown in cities, but rather "may be flown in uncongested areas in the US and is designed to be flown over fresh water." Thank god for that.

For now, brave souls can become a "member" of the Kitty Hawk Flyer for $100, which allows a 3-year membership to their community, a $2,000-discount off the retail price once that becomes available, and all kinds of other little perks like behind-the-scenes videos and previews not available to the rest of us.