$12,000-a-ticket luxury Fyre Festival in Bahamas descends into a Lord of the Flies dystopia

Fyre Festival was advertised as a luxury music festival on a private island in the Bahamas. But promises of a private chartered flight to the island, gourmet meals, private glamping tents, yacht cruises, gourmet catering, and an all-star concert performance line-up "quickly turned into a terrifying B-movie, with flocks of Instagram models forced to seek shelter in an airport after arriving to discover a lack of food, violent locals, appalling accommodation and feral dogs roaming the grounds," reports The Telegraph.


As a result, social media has exploded overnight with tales of Instagram-filtered terror and disappointment, with beautiful festival-goers arriving on the island to discover half-built tents, their luggage being thrown out of the back of a truck, muggers and thieves laying in wait to steal wallets from trust fund kids, unhelpful staff, and "gourmet cuisine" that turned out to be nothing but ham and cheese sandwiches.

From iBankCoin:

The "chartered flight from Miami" turned out to be severely delayed coach seats, and upon arrival shocked concert-goers were met with partially constructed USAID disaster relief tents.

Heres a drive by tour of the tents:

Angry attendees have flocked to social media to express their disappointment:

When I showed Carla these photos, she said "Why did the promoter even bother to put *anything* there?"

Sad & Snoozy says he found an event planners notes sitting on the ground:

So, Jonestown with worse logistics, basically.

Fyre Festival's website has gone offline, save for a cryptic, unhelpful, unapologetic message:

Imagine being stranded and reading that.