How crappy is your job? 200 jobs, ranked

For about 30 years, CareerCast has ranked jobs. Their best jobs in 2017 include analysts, engineers, scientists, and a few surprises like dieticians and speech pathologists. The crappiest job is newspaper reporter, which barely edged out broadcaster.

Via CareerCast:

The Jobs Rated report has tracked for almost 30 years, and in that time, the labor market's changed dramatically.

Some of the careers ranking among the Top 10 best jobs of 2017 illustrate these changes. Careers in mathematics rank highly, with Statistician, Mathematician and Data Scientist all in the top 10 — but these jobs aren't just about numbers in the current landscape. A career in one of these mathematical fields can translate into work in healthcare, business, marketing, even entertainment.

Changes also mark a theme for some of the worst jobs of 2017. The media landscape in 2017 is almost unrecognizable compared to three decades ago, when the Jobs Rated report debuted. New platforms and outlets have made for a much more difficult job market for Newspaper Reporters and Broadcasters, two of the lowest ranking fields this year.

* Jobs Rated Report 2017: Ranking 200 Jobs (CareerCast)

CC Image: Roger H. Goun