This floating speaker is the perfect summer companion

Many wireless speakers claim to be "rugged," or "waterproof," but few can match the sonic power and durability of the G-Project's G-DROP. Named one of iLounge's favorite speakers of 2015, this powerful, compact speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating making it submersible up to three feet. Not that music will sound good when the speaker is three feet underwater, but let's be honest, you're still curious to hear.

This aural submariner is a perfect companion at the pool, yes, but its tough construction ensures it's good to go at the beach, a campsite, or anywhere else your wanderlust takes you this summer. Plus, you can safely hang it from trees, mount it on a bicycle, or turn your dog into a four-legged boombox with its integrated metal loop.

Feel free to take your music everywhere with the G-DROP Submersible Bluetooth Speaker. You can pick one up here in the Boing Boing Store.