Eri Gentry, founder of DIY biohacker lab, talks about her favorite tools

My colleague at Institute for the Future, Eri Gentry, is the guest on the Cool Tools Show this week. Eri is the founding president of BioCurious, the first hackerspace for biology. She is also co-founder of the emotional wellbeing site, My Happy Tools.

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Show notes:


"For my work at Institute for the Future we're often trying to distill these nebulous concepts about the future into images and into words that people can understand. It's really important that we get the visual part down right, but most sites aren't really great for visual inspiration. … but Niice is this incredible site that shows you really creative imagery and often a lot of original art from artists, which is great because sometimes it can be hard to access the people doing really interesting creative work. Niice is meant, I believe, for designers and for design firms to do premium mood boards. … The great thing about this site is it can make me associate new concepts actually that I hadn't before. It's a really neat way to think about the future visually."


Double eyelid tape ($(removed))

"Double eyelid tape is literally a small strip of adhesive that you place on your eyelid to create or change your crease. For those of us not blessed with pronounced eyelid creases, this product is amazing. No more eyeliner smearing on your own eyelid. Life-changing."


Sacroiliac belt ($(removed))
"This device helps me walk when my back and hips go out of whack. It's a simple tool that straps tightly around your hips/pelvis to stabilize the SI joints. My joints can dislocate pretty easily and this belt is the difference between me being able to walk fairly comfortably and hobbling, grabbing the wall for support."


"Fancy Hands is a website and platform that has a bunch of people who will do small tasks for you on the back end. As a user you pay some monthly fee and you buy a package of tasks. These are things that can be done in 20 minutes by somebody who may not be an expert in the field, and it's things like making reservations, doing a little bit of online research, finding doctors that work with your insurance, for example. The story behind this is that for years I've been reading that you should outsource your life."