Michigan students stage sit-in in solidarity with laid-off teachers

Students of Avondale High School in the Detroit neighborhood of Auburn, MI are currently sitting in in the hallways of their school to protest the announcement that 6 of their teachers were to be laid off.

One of the students is leading a lively discussion on Reddit, where shitty grownups are accusing the students of just wanting to avoid class and also accusing teachers of being overpaid sucklers at the public teat, displaying the cynical poverty of imagination of the American right.

"We sit in silence to show how we've felt all year. Silenced. Claims have been said that we have a voice, but in reality our voice is never heard. So today. We're done talking. The once happy, welcoming culture of this school has diminished, and today we are doing exactly what they really want us to do. Be silent," read a letter submitted to the administration from the students.

Students hold peaceful sit-in at metro Detroit high school