John Oliver's amazing new Net Neutrality video crashed the FCC's website

It's been three years since John Oliver's amazing Net Neutrality rant brought the term "Cable Company Fuckery" into common usage, crashed the FCC's website, and delivered a neutral internet to a desperate nation.

Now, there's a new dingo babysitter in town: Ajit Pai, the FCC Chairman who has vowed to "take a weed-whacker" to the neutral internet.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man: John Oliver's new Net Neutrality rant is his best yet, and it includes a shortcut to get you through the deliberately obscure commenting system the FCC has created to make it nearly impossible to weigh in on Pai's neutracidal killing-spree: just visit and you'll be taken directly to the relevant form.

Except, not right now. So many people have heeded Oliver's call-to-arms that they've crashed the FCC's website. Again.

"Once again, John Oliver nails it on the importance of strong open internet rules for our democracy and to prevent broadband price gouging," Chris Lewis, Vice President at DC-based digital rights group Public Knowledge, said in a statement late Sunday. "His wit revealed the hypocrisy of FCC Chairman Pai's effort to pad the pockets of cable and broadband monopolies by dismantling essential protections against internet discrimination."

"It's time for the public to weigh in and tell Chairman Pai, Congress and the White House to keep their hands off the open internet," Lewis added.

John Oliver Just Crashed the FCC's Website Over Net Neutrality—Again
[Sam Gustin/Motherboard]