Watch 'Dot of Light,' inspiring documentary on female astronauts

This lovely short subject documentary gives some cool insights into the awe-inspiring experience of space travel, as told by several women who have had the honor of doing so. Imagine shedding a tear at the beauty, then laughing as it floats away.

DOT OF LIGHT is the story of three astronauts and their journey to the stars. Through archival footage, immersive imagery of space exploration, and intimate interviews with astronauts Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan, Nicole Stott, and Anousheh Ansari, this short film brings to life the stories of women who defied expectations, set records, and pioneered space travel. The film incorporates footage captured with Pixel.

Since it was made in collaboration with Google, you can also get some nifty doo-dads like these phone cases.

Dot of Light (YouTube / Eliza McNitt)