See you tonight in Winnipeg! (then Denver, Austin, Houston…) (!)

Thanks to everyone who's come out for the Walkaway tour so far! Tonight, I'll be appearing at Winnipeg's McNally Robinson bookstore, then it's off to Denver's Tattered Cover, Austin's Book People and Houston's Brazos Bookstore.

From there, the tour takes me to Scottsdale/Phoenix (where I'm appearing with Brian David Johnson), San Diego, Portland (where I'm appearing with Andy "Waxy" Baio), Seattle (where I'm appearing with Neal Stephenson), Bellingham, Vancouver and Burbank — the US/Canada tour schedule has all the details.

After that, I'm off to the UK for appearances in Oxford (with Tim Harford), London (with Laurie Penny), Liverpool (with Chris Pak), Birmingham, and Hay-on-Wye (with Adam Rutherford).

Then it's back around the USA, with festival and event appearances in NYC, Chicago, Denver, San Diego and Vegas (details for some of these are TBD, but I'll publish them as they come in).