Photographer shoots wrong couple's marriage proposal

A perfect storm of factors led to photographer Jacob Peters shooting the wrong marriage proposal at a remote romantic overlook.

The problems started when he was contacted by an out-of-state stranger to shoot a sunrise proposal on a remote Arkansas rock formation. Via PetaPixel:

The man wanted to surprise his soon-to-be fiancée with the pictures.

So at 2:30am on Saturday, Peters woke up, got his 30 pounds of gear ready, and headed out to Whitaker's Point in Arkansas' Ozark National Forest. After getting to the forest at 4:45, he hiked and arrived at his photo op spot at around 6. He then set up his camera and got ready for the couple to arrive — Peters had no cell phone service, so all he could do was wait.

At 6:17am, a young couple walked onto Hawksbill Crag in the distance, and Peters began shooting. After a few minutes standing on the rock outcropping, the man pulled out a ring, got down on one knee, and proposed.

He packed up his gear after getting a bunch of great shots, then made the hourlong hoof back to his vehicle. Imagine his surprise when his client said they got there late and were not the couple he shot.

Happy ending, though: he put the word out on Facebook, found the couple he shot and surprised them with his photos, then set up a reshoot with his actual client, probably with a few more safeguards in place.

This Photographer Accidentally Shot the Wrong Couple's Proposal PetaPixel)