"Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown," animated Peanuts spoof by Simpsons director Jim Reardon

In 1986 while a student at CalArts, Jim Reardon, who went on to direct numerous episodes of The Simpsons, created this fantastic faux trailer for "Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown," a bizarro world TV special starring the Peanuts gang.

The creator of this picture wishes to state that he does not in any way wish to tarnish or demean the beloved characters of Charles M. "Dutch" Schultz's comic strip, "Peanuts". No malice or damage to their goodwill was intended. So please don't sue me, because it will drag through the courts for years, and I haven't got a lawyer – and besides, you've already got half the money in the world, and I haven't got any. OK?