See you tonight, Scottsdale, AZ! (then San Diego, Portland, Seattle…) (!)

Thanks to everyone who came out to last night's Walkaway tour-stop at Houston's Brazos Books; I'm just arriving at the airport to fly to Phoenix for tonight's event at Scottsdale's Poisoned Pen Books with Brian David Johnson.

Tomorrow, you'll find me in San Diego at Mysterious Galaxy's Birthday Bash, and then on Sunday I'll be at the Powell's City of Books in Portland, OR, with Andy "Waxy" Baio. From there, it's off to Seattle for an event with Neal Stephenson.

Then the tour continues! Bellingham, Vancouver and Burbank!

From there, I head to the UK: Oxford (with Tim Harford); London (with Laurie Penny); Liverpool (with Chris Pak); Birmingham, and Hay-on-Wye (with Adam Rutherford).

Looking forward to seeing you there!